Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Have you ever gotten into your car and it smelled… weird? Or worse: Did someone else get into your car and comment on the smell, but you didn’t notice? It’s easy to ignore some smells, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It also means that the air quality in your car is not what it could be, whether you realize it or not. Is there any solution! Try the Pure car air purifier. This little device plugs into your car’s AC outlet and helps clear the air of things like smoke, pet odors, and food. Say goodbye to lingering food odors that never seem to go away.


This little gadget is powerful enough to eliminate even the stinkiest of odors from your car, and it even has two USB ports so you won’t lose access to your charger while it’s plugged in.

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If you’ve ever driven a vehicle owned by a smoker, you know that some odors linger and are almost impossible to get rid of. the Pure car air purifier It removes them through ionization, or by releasing negatively charged ions into the air. It sounds fancy, but it’s less complicated than you might think. These ions put the stinkers in a head lock until they decide to leave.

It won’t work right away, but you will notice a difference over time. There is a soft blue LED on the device that helps you know where it is in the dark – this makes it easy to connect to either of the two USB 2.1 ports. The folks at Pure are confident enough in this product’s effectiveness that they offer a one-year warranty and promise to replace any faulty units.

Stank, you go!  Just plug it in and rejuvenate it.  (photo: Amazon)

Stank, you go! Just plug it in and rejuvenate it. (photo: Amazon)

“The best product to get rid of odor” said one reviewer. “My husband works in a paper mill, and if anyone knows how bad it smells, you know it makes everything stink, including the inside of your truck. He bought a new truck, I looked it up, I bought one, and he was so amazed at how good it was.” You can actually still smell his leather seats, like the truck is new. We’re both smokers too, and you can’t smell smoke in our cars either.”

“I wasn’t expecting this product to be so effective, but to my surprise it was. I bought this to help prevent odors from my car and it works very well. Odors are eliminated from cars very quickly within a day or two if that’s really the case Bad. I’d say there’s a bit of a downside because the item only works when the car is running, but it’s still very effective,” said another.


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