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Everything you need to know about the 'Under Deck Down Under' shootings

With two other cast members being fired from Bravo Below is the deck down Recently after the inappropriate behavior incidents, the consequences have brought a lot of reactions And Questions about what happened, why it happened, and how it was dealt with.

After a series of events that occurred in the sixth and seventh episodes of the second season, which aired respectively on Monday night, the boat’s captain, Jason Chambers, terminated the employment of boson Luke Jones, and then third hostess Laura Peliscallen.

Here’s a breakdown of the events, along with what cast members, viewers, and experts had to say about the incidents.

What happened:

After an evening out with the crew in which third stewardess Margot Sisson was “really drunk”, Jones proposed to her on the way to the boat but she refused and was helped to sleep by chief steward Aisha Scott.

However, during and after a brief power outage on the boat, cameras caught Jones entering Sisson’s room wearing nothing but a towel and then climbing onto her bed, completely naked.

At that point, the show’s producers stepped in and told Jones he had to leave. After trying to talk Sisson into letting him stay and locking the door on the producers, they managed to get him out of the room and eventually back to his own room where he locked himself.

Third host Margot Sisson and main host Aisha Scott from the movie

Third Soup Margot Sisson and Chief Soup Ayesha Scott from Under Deck Down Under.

Chief Steward Scott witnessed the latter part of the incident and talked with Sisson about it before waking up Captain Chambers to inform him of the incident. Chambers entered Jones’ room and told him to get off the boat and stay at a hotel for the night. Jones was terminated the next morning.

We also learned that around the same time that The incident was happening, things were heating up between Bileskalne and deckhand Adam Kodra. She was persistently trying to enter into physical contact with Kudra all night but he refused again and again. It culminated in Bileskalne entering Kodra’s room and climbing onto the bed, trying to massage him. Once again, the producers intervened and sent her out of the room.

Those events, along with what Chambers describes as Pelliscalny’s “disrespectful” and “unsympathetic” reaction to Sisson’s position in which she defended Jones’ actions, were enough to cause Chambers to leave her as well.

What did the cast members say about her:

Sisson has since reacted to the episodes in an Instagram post, praising both Scott and Chambers for their actions and discussing her treatment journey.

Use a scot file Instagram story to give her thoughts after the episodes, saying, “I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the key message that came across in the episode, which is that women — and indeed everyone — have the right to go out and have fun and feel safe and that’s just the end of it.” Or reservations, that’s the end of it. So please watch your friends and each other.”

The rooms too Respond to episodes on Instagram via videoand discussing the messages he received from viewers and those who have gone through similar situations. He reminded people that these events took place over a year ago, and hopes that all participants are “on a better journey to better themselves.”

As far as Jones and Piliscallen, Entertainment tonight I mentioned that they both pointed out what happened on Instagram, before they both changed their accounts to private mode.

Bileskalne reportedly wrote the following on August 8: “My sincerest apologies to Adam, I didn’t realize I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in this position. For Margot not to be able (sic) to empathize, I was 29 when the show was filmed.” , and 30 was a life changer. I’m 31 now and I’m watching it like all of you, and it’s an entertainment show.”

And according to ET, Jones posted this to Instagram on Aug. 6: “It doesn’t matter what they think of you because you don’t care. All we hear is opinion, not fact. All we see is perspective. Not the truth. Take ownership and move on.”

What viewers are saying on social media

Viewers expressed that theyshocking“and find accidents”Heartbreaking. Other posters said how Important One episode was, some men’s reluctance to report cases of sexual harassment and how heavy drinking could contribute to assault. Still others take on the network, Bravo, tasked with not having any kind of files Trigger warning before the episode.

What the experts say

Yahoo spoke with Scott Berkowitz, president and founder of the Rape, Abuse, and Incest Network (RAINN), about the value of broadcasting these events. More on that here.

What then

Previews for upcoming episodes show replacements Jones and Bileskalne arriving on board to take their place as the new team moves forward with more compacts. An example is of Sisson possibly drinking on the job and confronting Chambers about it.

All of this begs the question: While it is the responsibility of any witness to sexual assault to do whatever is necessary to intervene, what is the role and responsibility of reality show producers when it comes to fostering a climate of drunkenness and partying that can lead to inappropriate behavior in the first place?

Below is the deck down It airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on I did well.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, help is available. RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline is available to survivors 24/7 with free, anonymous help. 800,656. HOPE (4673) f online.rainn.org.

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