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I tried to bribe the pilot
Lionel Richie performs during

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  • Lionel Richie He made an apology on Monday for canceling his previous show an hour after the show was scheduled to start.

  • The singer said he couldn’t perform in New York City on Saturday because of the “extreme weather.”

  • “I tried to bribe the pilot,” Richie joked on Monday.

Lionel Richie He apologized on stage to his fans on Monday after canceling his previous concert an hour after it was supposed to start.

Richie was slated to perform to a sold-out audience at the Madison Square Garden in New York City Next to Earth, Wind and Fire Saturday Night.

Just over an hour into the show, he tweeted to say he couldn’t fly due to “extreme weather” conditions.

“I feel very anxious,” he wrote on Saturday.

Addressing the crowd at a rescheduled concert on Monday, singer “all night long” Jokingly: “I tried to bribe the pilot, and the pilot told her I want to see my wife tomorrow.”

“So tonight, we’re going to make up for it,” he added. “I apologize a thousand times.”

Richie’s initial cancellation resulted in a backlash online from fans who actually attended the event.

One fan tweeted: “Thank you so much for announcing this an hour after the show was supposed to start.”

Another wrote: “You’ve lost a fan. Personally I think you’re full to watch. How could a performer not be in the territory they’re contracted with at showtime?”

One angry fan tweeted: “What really happened? No one flies in late and blames the weather. The weather was good. We are a group of 12 and were so disappointed but not frustrated like the tourists and fans who made plans around the party and will now miss it.” What is the real, fundamental and real reason?”

Richie, 74, is widely regarded as one of the greatest soul singers of all time.

He rose to fame as the lead singer of Motown group the Commodores, writing and recording the songs “Easy” and “Three Times a Lady”. And still.”

Since it launched on its own in 1982, Richie has sold over 100 albums worldwide And he has five #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

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