Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
If you have trouble seeing small print, this $19 magnifier can help

Do you love to read but find it difficult to see the words on the page? If you’re using an e-reader, it’s easy to increase the font size—but, unfortunately, this option isn’t available on physical books. Well, we have a solution: Save yourself the eye strain and invest in… MagniPros page magnifier. This is a handy tool that not only enlarges text but also lights up the page you’re reading. There must be light…and clarity!

MagniPros sees things differently

Thanks to its anti-glare coating and numerous LEDs, this gadget is easy to read in any light levels.

$17 at Amazon

There are a lot of random little gadgets that can be used to light up a book, but MagniPros is a little different. Directs all light to one area and uses anti-glare to prevent light from escaping. This means that you can use it in bed without waking your partner And Without compromising your ability to see the text.

The lens is large at 4.5 x 7 inches and magnifies everything by up to 400%. This is invaluable for reading small text, and you can use it for anything from writing a check to browsing the newspaper. A handle on the right side of the tool gives you a sturdy place to grip, and there’s also an on/off switch within easy reach.

You will never need batteries for this tool either. Rated at over 100,000 hours – that’s over 11 years of continuous use. Oh, and don’t worry about the weight, either. MagniPros Magnifier is only four ounces.

This reading magnifier makes it easy to see books, newspapers, and more.  (photo: Amazon)

This reading magnifier makes it easy to see books, newspapers, and more. (photo: Amazon)

“Love her!” One customer raved. “The packaging seems to be geared towards seniors. I’m only 50, but need bifocal glasses and some of the writing is still really small. I got this book magnifier and it makes such a difference! I can see all the little details on the smallest print. Plus it’s It’s lit up, which makes things easier to see. And it’s made in the USA! Can’t find it very often these days. Very happy with this purchase!”

“This is perfect for reading large forms or pages with fine print. Easy to hold (very light) and the lighting is great! I highly recommend,” said another shopper.

MagniPros sees things differently

Read more and read easily with this handy tool. Available in four colors: aqua, blue, gray, and silver.

$17 at Amazon

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