Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
"It's okay to vent about someone who has no interest in your life."

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Joy King is a bride-to-be, but she doesn’t care about “chopping for the wedding”—or any of the other things women are required to do to look perfect as they walk down the aisle.

“I don’t think it’s been talked about enough as the societal pressure to be ‘kidnapped’ on your wedding day,” verb The star, who announced her engagement to Stephen Pitt in March 2022, told Yahoo. “We all want to look our best. We all want to feel and feel our best. But the most important part is the pre-wedding festivities – there are so many wonderful things to celebrate and enjoy, and family and friends to celebrate with… I just can’t go through these things and feel this.” Love if I’m always worried about how I feel I put my mouth… I miss the point of the ceremonies completely.”

“No one is like, ‘Oh, her ankles could have been a little thinner in those shoes,'” King jokes.

The 24-year-old, who recently got involved with Hill’s Pet Nutrition on Instagram Clean Shelter Campaign Partly because of her passion for rescued pets, she’s less focused on her own body size, and more on feeling good in her own skin. While action movie star like the princess And Express train She’s professed her love of working out in the past, and says she now switches between wanting to work out and needing to give her body a break.

“I don’t push myself to do an hour of grueling exercise every day anymore because that’s how you fall in love with something,” she says, adding that she recently took a “three months off” from working out. “If I move my body at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, and I don’t feel like doing a big, heavy workout, that’s enough for me. My favorite part about owning dogs honestly is that they force you to get up and walk twice a day.”

King has previously spoken about entering therapy during lockdown during the pandemic. She is no longer in therapy, but says her favorite thing is that she can turn to him when she needs to find “perspective.”

“I start therapy and come out of it when I need to,” she says. “It’s nice to vent about someone who has absolutely no interest in your life. I’m a very professional in therapy, but I’m not always around. I get nervous and leave, then come back, and say, ‘Did you miss me?'”

One thing King has learned to manage is negative comments on social media, stating that “there’s been a slight uptick in the last five years and it’s really stuck.”

“Originally, I was so frustrated about it, but then I stopped looking, and I felt so much better,” she says. “My daily life – this is my real life. This is my bubble. This is full of my people. I really have no problems with myself.”

However, comments sometimes leak. “Yesterday, someone commented that they really hate me so much, they’re so sorry, they don’t know why they feel that way but they can’t stand me and they hope I get a nice August break,” he says with a laugh. I was like, ‘Wow, okay. At least they gave me my good wishes in the end. I just find it funny at this point.”

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