Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
Jason Momoa warns travelers that Maui is 'not the place to go on vacation right now'

Jason Momoa continues to take to his social media to follow the unfolding disaster on Maui.

The Hawaiian native shares resources and insights about the devastation caused by wildfires on the island, which now has a death toll of 80, with hundreds of buildings destroyed and thousands in emergency shelters.

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Momoa urges tourists not to travel to Maui amid the devastating wildfires ravaging the island.

“Maui is not the place for your vacation right now,” the Honolulu-born actor commented on a video he shared via Instagram. “Don’t convince yourself that your presence is necessary on an island that is suffering this badly. Mahalo to everyone who has donated and shown aloha to the community in this time of need.”

Momoa’s video warns, “Do not travel to Maui. If you plan to travel to Maui in the near future, cancel your trip. The devastation caused by the wildfires will have a lasting impact on Maui’s resources. Our community needs time to heal, grieve, and recover. That means That the fewer visitors on the island consume important resources that have become so limited, the better.”

The video continues, “Don’t book a hotel stay. The American Hotel & Lodging Association and Hawaii Hotel Alliance are currently working with hotels in other part(s) of Hawaii to house displaced residents. Survivors are priority.”

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