Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Music man Jon Baptiste on the song that soothed his soul, the life advice he received from Prince — and how Madonna got him to perform live...at 4 a.m.

Grammy award winning musician Jon Batiste has been to a few places, seen some things and knows a few people, and on tonight’s episode of Watch what’s happening live with Andy Cohenwas more than happy to share some of these things.

For example, when asked by host Cohen what his favorite summer jam of 2023 is, without hesitation, he answers Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul,” but not necessarily because it has a great beat and you can dance to it.

“I was on a helicopter,” Battisti said. “I don’t like helicopters, and I needed some emotional relief. The helicopter ride took three hours (round trip). Looking around, you can’t see anything but the ocean. And I’m not a great swimmer. Laid Headphones, and I listened to ‘Break My Soul’ – maybe 56, 57 times!”

Sound advice for the next time you find yourself on a three-hour helicopter ride across the ocean.

And speaking of good advice, Batiste shared his greatest take from the late, legendary Prince, back in 2010 when Batiste was a young musician early in his career and was on tour with the Purple One. And it was almost as bafflingly brief as the “plastic” warning Mr. McGuire famously gave to Benjamin in graduation. For Prince, the one thing he offered Batiste: privacy. That was his music advice and life advice. I was a kid. I was about 19 or 20, so I wasn’t having a conversation with Prince. I was with Prince, but it wasn’t like we were having a conversation. But when we talked, I tried to squeeze nuggets of wisdom out of him. And he said, ‘Privacy,’ and I remember that because he was talking about more than just music.”

Finally, as a musician, Batiste had a lot to say about, well, music. And one of the prominent stories involved the Oscars ceremony in which he was presented to Madonna. The best part, said Batiste, was hearing from people the next day—and still does to this day—that you woke me up…in 4 a.mHe explained how people were so angry that they were made to wait so long, but Battisti’s performance completely turned the night around. He said, “It was supposed to be midnight, but M (goes to her time).”

John, the next time Madonna makes you stay up almost until sunrise to hit the stage, may we suggest you de-stress in a few spins of “Break My Soul”?

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