Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Pregnancy, ovulation and urological tests have been withdrawn

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urges consumers to avoid certain consumer test products.

Each of the recalled tests was manufactured by Universal Meditech, Inc. or UMI. according to launch Filed by the FDA, the company has notified the federal agency that it has ceased all operations and is no longer providing support for the tests.

The list of brands that were included in the raffle include:

  • One step pregnancy test

  • Diagnostics in the US is one step closer to ovulation testing

  • HealthyWiser UriTest 10 Parameter Test Strips for Urinalysis

  • Healthyweather Urology Test Strips

  • Fast Healthy Wizer Ketone Test Strips

  • HealthWiser pH test strips

  • To Life hCG urine test during pregnancy

  • am i pregnant midstream test

  • DeTec hCG pregnancy urine test

  • PrestiBio pregnancy strips

  • PrestiBio Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test Midstream

  • PrestiBio ovulation strips

  • PrestiBio Urinalysis Test Strip 10 Parameters

  • PrestiBio Ketone Test Strips

  • PrestiBio Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strips

Tests may have been sold online by AC&C Distribution, HealthyWiser, Home Health US, and Prestige Biotech. While they were distributed under the brand names of these four distributors, they may not have identified UMI as the manufacturer. Other distributors likely distributed it, according to a statement from the Food and Drug Administration.

What do I do if I have one of these products?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a stern warning not to buy any of these items in stores. If you are already in possession of these tests, the agency recommends that you immediately stop using them and put them in the trash. If you’ve already used one of the recalled tests, the FDA recommends that you test again with a different test, and contact your healthcare provider if you have concerns about its accuracy.

Even if your product appears to be working properly, it is still important to get rid of it. Dr.. Jenna PosnerMD, a board-certified pediatrician at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, Calif., previously told Yahoo that it’s imperative to get rid of these items because they’re linked to safety issues or product defects that could put the consumer at risk.

“If something is recalled, you really need to follow recall instructions — there is a reason it was recalled,” Posner said. “They don’t remember things lightly.”

Where can I report a problem?

If you wish to report any adverse events or quality issues that occurred with the use of these tests, the FDA recommends that you contact these tests. MedWatch for adverse event reporting.

You can also report any product issues to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Consumers may report safety incidents, injuries, or deaths to us with products under the jurisdiction of the CPSC at www.SaferProducts.gov,” Patti Davis, press secretary for the CPSC, previously told Yahoo Life, noting that consumers can also go to this site to see if others have had problems with certain products. Reporting to the CPSC…is important and can help save lives. “

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