Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Star Of TV's The Associates and Game Show Regular turned 70

Shelley Smith, who starred with Martin Short on the ABC sitcom associates, He died. She was 70 years old, and died of a heart attack on August 8th.

Smith died at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, according to her husband, actor Michael Maguire, of 18 years.

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“I’m sorry I didn’t update everyone sooner,” Maguire said in his message. “Dear, my sweet angel Shelly Smith passed away peacefully yesterday at 2:20 in the afternoon. Her two children, Nikki and Miranda Nathan, and I were by her side, holding her hand, kissing her head, singing to her, telling her how much we loved her. Also, with us was Grant Stevens, my great friend, who gave himself up to help us. He understood the dying process, and guided us through it with so much sophistication and dignity We owe him an enormous debt!

“Shelley lived an incredible life! We are all heartbroken, but we are also very lucky to be touched by such a beautiful, intelligent, caring, and wonderful soul. Life is too short. Make every second count and fill every second with love.”

Born October 25, 1952, in Princeton, New Jersey, Smith graduated from Connecticut College and built a thriving modeling career, appearing in magazines such as Vogue magazineAnd Harper’s BazaarAnd cheerfulness And Mademoiselle.

She made her debut as an actress in 1979, appearing in an NBC television movie about plastic surgery, My mirror my mirrorand on associate. She would continue as a guest star on such shows Fantasy IslandAnd the hotelAnd love boatAnd She wrote the murderAnd Fisher manAnd Magnum. byeAnd Simon and Simon In the early 90s.

associate Created by James L. Brooks, Ed. Weinberger, Stan Daniels, and Charlie Hauck, Smith played an upper-class Boston man who worked for a Wall Street law firm.

The show only lasted 13 episodes.

Next, Smith played Captain Caroline Engel in the 1983 NBC military drama For love and honor, which also stars Keenen Ivory Wayans and Yaphet Kotto. It lasted 12 episodes.

Smith had an interesting side gig at the time. She began appearing regularly on TV game shows, incl Super password, body language and pyramid $10,000.

Smith finished her acting career, earning a master’s degree in psychology from Antioch University and becoming a marriage and family therapist.

In 1991, she founded the Egg Donation Program after giving birth to twins Nikki and Miranda through in vitro fertilization. She later sold the company, now known as Hatch Fertility.

No memorial plans have been revealed.

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