Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
The fiery Christmas prank almost put the "killer" in the "deadliest hunt"

For the hunters featured in Discovery The deadliest catch, jumping on deck 180 miles north of Dutch Harbor in the Bering Sea battered by waves that send sea spray drenching everything to the core in freezing arctic temperatures, you might think the last thing they should worry about is a fire. But that’s exactly what they faced in tonight’s episode.

Ironically, it was a disaster of their own making.

The situation started out innocently enough as a good birthday joke when he’s on board Time Bandit Plan to celebrate The deadliest catch The fiftieth birthday of staple and rooftop boss Freddy Mogatai with a precision bombardment that becomes unexpectedly almost tragic.

Presented with a crab-pot float that read “Happy 50th B-day, Freddie” and “We Luv U,” the plan was to cut the lights on the boat to effect a blackout, crush a dozen and a half eggs, flick Mogatai’s head with a large sack of flour and light the emergency flare, Which led to the creation of a human birthday cake of sorts.

The problem is that no one seems to know that flour is highly flammable, especially when levitated, and Maugatai caught fire instantly and completely.

It was a very frightening moment when the fisherman was seen from the bridge screaming in shock and pain and ran to dip his burning face and head into the fishbowl filled with sea water in the ship.

“Oh human candle! Dude, it’s gone! You’re burning!” said Captain Jonathan Hillstrand regarding the PA system. Thank you Captain Obvious.

Deck chief Freddy Mogatai received his birthday party moments before it was nearly burned as a prank.

Deck chief Freddy Mogatai received his birthday party moments before it was nearly burned as a prank.

Despite serious burns on his face and warped eyebrows, Maugatai did not require hospitalization, and accepted the “gift” with elegance and humor.

He said, “I’m fine, Lord.” “This was the best birthday present ever!”

The deadliest catch Airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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