Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
``They couldn't find a damn thing''

The Young and the Restless Actor Eric Braeden has recently become cancer-free, nearly four months after announcing his initial bladder cancer diagnosis to fans.

β€œThe reason I want to talk to you tonight is because I want to tell you that I am grateful (for all) your good thoughts and prayers,” Braeden shared in a post. Live video from Facebook Sunday. “It meant a lot to me, and I can tell you it obviously helped, because I had my last cystoscopy two days ago β€” that’s when they inserted the camera into your bladder β€” and I don’t have cancer. They couldn’t find a damn thing. Isn’t that nice?” “

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Braeden went on to admit that further treatment still awaits him. He revealed that the malignant tumor previously removed from his bladder contained “high quality cancer cells”, and he will now undergo three preventative infusions containing “some things that seem to kill cancer”. He is also waiting for the results of a recent MRI, which will reveal whether the cancer has spread.

“And then I will be free for a while,” he added. “Often, every few months, I’ll have another cystoscopy, all to find the damn thing early on and combat it. To hell with it.”

Braeden, who played Y&R Patriarch Victor Neumann for more than four decades, He first revealed his cancer diagnosis in Aprilthey share that he was suffering from painful and frequent urination.

“Needless to say, I was surprised, but I was determined to deal with it,” Brayden said at the time, assuring the fans that “I’m going to get it. I’ll be on top of him again pretty soon.”

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