Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
This Ice Maker Is Ready for Summer Snow Cones—and It's Only $200 ($90 Off)

Why isn’t homemade ice as good as ice from certain restaurants? Sure, everything is only made of water — but the shape and hardness of ice has a lot to do with its texture and perceived taste. The ice trays most people have in their freezers don’t produce the optimal amount, texture, and taste, however ice block maker It can produce snow cone-ready snow in just seven minutes (and up to 34 pounds of ice in 24 hours). You can pick one up for yourself now for just $200, thanks to a $90 coupon.


This countertop ice maker puts the device in your refrigerator to shame, producing up to 34 pounds of pure, pure ice per day. You can have drinkable ice in just seven minutes, all with the touch of a button.

$200 at Amazon

There are a lot of benefits to a countertop ice machine, with speed and efficiency topping the list. If you have an ice maker in your freezer, it is may be Produces snow in seven minutes – but not likely. And you certainly can’t freeze water in that short of a time. The ability to get ice almost on demand is a great benefit of this tool, but there is another plus: minimal noise. The noisy blast of traditional ice machines can be distracting, however ice block maker It is noticeably quieter when in operation.

“Makes snow super fast!” 1 fan male. last He said he “fills a bucket in 18 minutes”. Lots of customer reviews speak to how quickly we could fill this story with reviews (but we won’t!) One said, though: “In an eight-hour day, I was able to make enough snow to fill one of the ice packs attached to it.”

It is also easy to operate. Just press the button to start the course. You can easily see the water level in the tank through the canister so you always know when to refill it. You can also press and hold the “Ice/Clean” button for five seconds to start the automatic self-cleaning procedure. It takes care of the hard part that you don’t clean the far corners of the machine with a Q-Tip.

“Very useful and helpful,” one shopper exclaimed. “This ice machine helped us get through the summer while our kitchen was being renovated and we had no water connection to our ice machine. We put filtered water in the unit and ran it all day filling our fridge/freezer ice basket. The ice is quick made and solid Medium is great if you enjoy chewing ice and don’t want to damage your teeth.”

Perfect for on the go or in your RV, the Nugget Ice Maker is currently $90 off.  (photo: Amazon)

Perfect for on the go or in your RV, the Nugget Ice Maker is currently $90 off. (photo: Amazon)

The small size of this tool makes it more attractive. It measures 8.66 x 11.3 x 12.68 inches. While it’s not the smallest appliance, it’s no bigger than a stand mixer – and it’s so much better than trying to find room in your freezer for a giant bag of ice! The company offers a 12-month warranty if something goes wrong, too.

“We go through a lot of ice and our freezer is not even plumbed to make ice, so we buy bags of ice all the time at $2.50/bag here in Alaska,” said one unintentionally sneering fan. “It adds up. So I bought this and it makes perfect ice, fast. And because it fills a basket, we put it in our big freezer to freeze a bit more and then dump it into one of the bags they provided. We’ll pay for itself in a month!”

last Traveler in tune with“I’ve used it non-stop for months and it works just fine. My fridge broke and this has been an affordable replacement for me. Plus, I use it in my RV when I go on road trips.”

Don’t need one this big? This one is smaller and is available in four colors – silverAnd redAnd whiteAnd black And wonderful mint green:


This mini ice maker can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours.

$100 at Amazon

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