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TLC's Sister Wives Reflect on the 'Domino Effect' That Topped 3 of Kody's 4 Marriages in 14 Months (EXCLUSIVE)

In an EXCLUSIVE conversation with PEOPLE, Kody Brown admits he “could have done a much better job” at preserving his four marriages before three of them fell apart.

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Cody Brown He finds himself in a place he never expected to be – and understandably, he’s having a hard time navigating it all.

Within 14 months, three of the sister wives Patriarch’s marriages exploded. his third wife, Christine BrownHe was The first to leave in November 2021. A year later in December 2022, it was revealed that he had separate from his second wife Janelle Brown. A month later, he married his first wife Merry Brown He was more By january 2023 after the pair’s relationship Platonic and away for years.

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Now Cody is in a monogamous relationship for the first time in decades with a fourth wife Robin Brown, the only wife he was legally married to. In this week’s People cover story, he and the women sister wives He addressed the “domino effect” at length, with an exclusive sharing how challenging this seismic shift in their relationships was.

“It was painful, and a lot of blame-taking,” the TLC star, 54, admits. “But you have to hope we still have a friendship in the future. Because we’re forever bound through our kids.”

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But Cody – who is he Father of 18 children of his four marriages – he admits his failures as a husband and knows he is partly responsible for the demise of his three marriages.

“I could have done a lot better,” he admits.

For her part, Janelle, 54, is looking to the positive side amid the chaos, telling People, “We’re all settling down the new path. We have only possibilities ahead.”

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The repercussions of the past several years will be explored in the next season of the show. a Teaser for season 18 He poked fun at how marital changes affected his relationship with Robyn, 44.

“No one should get married while a divorce is in progress,” says Robyn, who remains committed to making her marriage to Cody work.

She adds, “I never thought I’d want to leave. I know how much I love Cody.” “He’s doing his best.”

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