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Tory Lanez 10 Years After Sentencing Megan The Stallion's Shooting: 'I Refuse To Apologise'
2022 Parlor Games Celebrity Basketball Classic - Credit: Greg Doherty / Getty Images

2022 Parlor Games Celebrity Basketball Classic – Credit: Greg Doherty / Getty Images

Tory Lanez is He broke his silence after he was He was sentenced to 10 years in prison After being found guilty of Shooting Megan The Stallion in 2020. In a letter to his fans on Thursday, the rapper said he will “always” maintain his innocence, adding, “I refuse to apologize for something I didn’t do.”

“I never let a hard time scare me away. I will never let any time in jail get me down. No matter how they try to spin my words, I have always maintained my innocence and always will.” “This week in court, I have taken responsibility for all the verbal and intimate moments I have shared with the parties involved… That is it.”

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“I have never apologized in any way shape or form for the charges I have been unjustly convicted of. I am still on the position of refusing to apologize for something I did not do.”

The rapper was sentenced on Tuesday to 10 years in prison, nearly eight months later sinner from shooting Megan Thee Stallion at her feet after an argument in July 2020.

He continued in his statement, saying that he has always “faced adversity throughout my life” and that this verdict “is just another moment where my back is against the wall and I refuse to stop fighting until I emerge victorious.”

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do,” he wrote, before thanking his family and friends for their “constant support.”

The previous December, Peterson was found guilty of first-degree assault with a firearm, grossly negligent discharge of a firearm, and possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle. The trial was widely publicized, with significant misinformation circulating on the Internet against Pitt. The prosecution had previously requested a 13-year prison sentence.

Lenz addressed the court on Tuesday before the judge issued his decision, asking for clemency and a ruling that would allow him to “prove” himself.

“I stand before you as the father of a six-year-old and you need me every step of the way,” Lenz told Judge David Hereford. He said, “There was a misconception about me being this monster, and I had no regrets, it’s not true.” “That night, everyone was drunk, and I said things I shouldn’t have said. The victim was my friend, and I still care about her. We lost mothers, and we’d just sit there and drink until we were numb. Everything I did wrong that night I take responsibility for.” .

While Megan Thee Stallion did not attend the sentencing hearings, she said Provide a written statement in advance which prosecutors read in court on Monday afternoon.

“I struggle to be present. After everything that’s happened, I can’t put myself back in the same room as Tori,” Megan wrote. He paid bloggers to post false information; he treated my trauma like it was a joke when I could have died. He blamed the system, he blamed the press, and lately he’s been using his childhood trauma to justify his actions.”

When Deputy District Attorney Alexander Butt delivered his final words before sentencing, he said watching the presentation “felt like we were here for the Man of the Year award.”

“We are here for an outrageous act of violence committed by the defendant against an unarmed woman,” Butt said. “This is cowardly and misogynistic behavior.”

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