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Why are people talking about a fake 1987 horror movie on TikTok?
  • Zibota It is a 1987 horror movie film And TikTokers Refer to him in the video comments throughout the app.

  • It was first talked about by 18-year-old musician Emily Jeffrey, who posted a video about it on August 12.

  • The big evolution? the film unavailable.

What is “zibuta”?

Zibota It’s supposed to be an 80’s horror movie. TikTok user Emily Jeffrey Posted over the weekend about coming up with a “new part” where Tik Tok User comments indicate Zibota on other people’s videos.

She explained, “Together we’ll see a new twist on the lore, the main characters will appear, etc., and we can convince thousands of people that this weirdly titled ’80s horror movie really does exist.”

The video has now over 6 million views, and Jeffrey has since posted a follow-UPS – including ones that play along, such as people imagining her looking like the main character and even posing in front of a fake Wikipedia page.

How did “Zethopa” get so big on TikTok?

Thousands of people took Jeffrey’s initial instructions to heart and started commenting on other people’s videos. Influencer Alyssa McKaywho has more than 10 million followers, filmed a video asking her fans what the movie was about because she kept getting comments about it.

“I keep getting comments on all of my TikToks saying, ‘You look like Ray Who ZithobaOr, “You look like Frankie Who.” zithoba,she said in the clip. “Why when I search for this movie there are no pictures, I can’t find the cast, I can’t find anything about this movie?”

asking for Zibota It does not guarantee an explanation either. A TikToker post asked the following, “What is the f*** Zibota And why is it all over my feed? Comments flooded in with the words, “Zebuta never saw what.”

Others have begun “disguising themselves” as characters from the movie as well.

Some referred to the “rewatch scenes”.

And some of the creators even made fan art.

However, “Zepotha” is not an actual movie

Zibota It’s just an inside joke on TikTok. It’s not an actual movie from 1987.

Nor is it the first time social media has built a fake universe for a movie that doesn’t exist. In late 2022, Tumblr users convinced the audiences Martin Scorsese had A “lost movie” from 1973 called Goncharov. like with Zibota, Goncharov Finally led to people Create fake movie postersAnd Writing mock analyzes of the plotAnd Post fake screenshots from the movie And Sharing fake reviews for Letterboxd.

“It creates a kind of widespread fan fiction,” said Jamie Cohen, a professor of media studies at the City College of New York Queens. said the Washington Post on time. “Almost with the idea of ​​turning the movie into reality. At the same time, it’s also a joke or a group joke.”

Some people think Zibota It was a marketing tactic all along to announce creator Jeffree’s upcoming album. The music you use in the first background Zibota TikTok is one of her hits and one Twitter The user noticed it The song appeared in nearly 7,000 videos on August 13 — the same day Jeffrey posted about it Zibota.

Jeffri is now declaring a Zibota The soundtrack on TikTok has it too.

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