Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Woody Harrelson wears hat supporting RFK Jr. for president: 'Great see you'

Woody Harrelson He threw his hat into the political discourse again – this time by actually wearing a hat Apparently supported The controversial Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Kennedy’s wife And “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines published a photo on Instagram With Harrelson wearing blue Kennedy 2024 hat. “It’s great to see you, Woody,” she wrote in the post. USA TODAY has reached out to Harrelson’s rep for clarification.

Comments were mixed. One user wrote: “More and more support will be thrown in as people start sharing how they really feel.” Another added: “My enthusiasm is curbed.”

Kennedy has drawn the ire of many different groups with his views on vaccines and COVID-19.

Organizations advocating for Jewish and Asian people immediately criticized the presidential candidate after he spread a conspiracy theory at an event last month about groups and COVID-19.

There is an “argument” that COVID-19 is “racially targeted,” Kennedy said, during a dinner in New York. He claimed that COVID-19 is “targeted to attack Caucasians and blacks” while sparing Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people.

The presidential candidate in recent years has become a leading voice in the anti-vaccine movement. Health experts described his work as dangerous, and called his family members They condemned him for spreading misinformation.

`disgusting’: The groups are calling Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s COVID theory anti-Semitic and racist

Kennedy criticized the pandemic-spurred lockdowns, suggesting that things were worse for Americans than they were for Anna Frank, the Jewish teenager who died in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.

He apologized for the comments, his second public apology for the Holocaust comparisons. In 2015, Kennedy used the word “Holocaust” to describe children he believed were harmed by vaccinations.

Harrelson, for his part, has Discuss politics In the past, in particular Denounced former President Donald Trump After the 2016 election as well as criticizing former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

when Harrelson hosted “Saturday Night Live” Earlier this year, the self-proclaimed “redneck hippie” said in his opening monologue: “You know, the red in me thinks you should be allowed to have guns. The blue in me thinks — shotguns. So, I’m red and blue making purple.” . COVID Vaccine Mandates.

Contributing: Marina Petofsky, Naledi O’Shea and Rachel Lucker, USA TODAY; Associated Press

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This article originally appeared in the USA TODAY: Woody Harrelson dons an RFK Jr. presidential hat, with Cheryl Hines

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